Take it easy, U.S.

Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador, and three other embassy staff were killed in Libya in 11Spe. 2012. I am very sorry to hear that. I think Hillary certainly can not figure out why the United States spent money and efforts to help the Libyan people to overthrow the dictatorship, in order to establish a democratic country, but just a small personal movie aroused them to anti-American. Hillary was born in United States where is full of freedom, democracy, openness, human rights, of course she can not understand the mentality of those people.

1 Poverty
There is no doubt that the majority of those attacks are the proletarians. They don't have job or income, so they are fragile, sensitive, and easily enlarge their anger and dissatisfaction with society because of an Individual event. I think that is another form of hatred of the rich. Karl Marx's words: proletarians have nothing to lose, so they don’t have any limitations and can show the ugly side of human nature. Helping them out of poverty is the most essential.

2 Real desires should come from within
Real desire should come from deep inside of people, like sense of well – being or sense of security, no one can give them, but only themselves, as same as orgasm, whatever female or male, the desire for orgasm must come from within, no one can help you, regardless how hard work they have. Before the people don’t really realize and accept the universal values from within, and arouse the desire for change from deep inside, it doesn’t work only rely on outside forces from the U.S.. The only result is the United States put herself into a quagmire and passive. The U.S. only can give them a shell of democracy, but the spirit of democracy should come from within of the nation, they must have their own Voltaire and Rousseau, they have to recognize the human rights, government agencies, and religious from deep soul. A real change must come from the within, then to the behavior.

3 Values export
Cultural values ​​export is slow, maybe take some years, even decades or centuries, especially in some areas where religion above the law and sovereignty above human rights. They can’t understand why Dutch accepted it when Philip II, King of Spain, announced that the Netherlands is an integral part of Spain in the 16th century, and Dutch recognized it when Spain sent a new Governor, but Dutch began to rebel when Philip II wanted to get money from their pockets. They can’t understand at last the Dutch actually entrusted their own country to the Queen of UK Elizabeth I. Thoughts of people there were detained by tradition cultural generations after generations. The U.S. should change their values ideologically one step a time.

U.S. wants to help these countries into the modern society, not only in the material, but also more importantly, in their values, and the U.S. really has a long way to go. In many less developed regions, people still rely on the blood and religion to organize social activities, rather than on the law and contract. Dictatorship can be overthrown easily by U.S. powerful weapons, but the inferiority root of a nation is hard to change in short time. I don’t understand the culture of the Arab, but I know Chinese very well. Although a lot of people in the United States against one child policy, and thought it is inhumane to restrict human rights, but I do not agree to the views at this point, because Americans do not understand the Chinese people at all. The only purpose of everyone is maximize the payoffs and minimize the costs, but according to different values in different nations. Chinese people now still in the original situation of gene spread, and most of them will choose to have lots of children in order to seize social resources as much as they can, of course the blood is the most reliable to expand their own interests radius, in order to maximize their own interests, at last, the ultimate goal is to increase the sense of security. If this policy is canceled, I think Chinese population will quickly reach 20 billion in the next 10 years. So American democracy and freedom should be on the ground.

Modernization of a nation doesn’t only mean have powerful weapons, or drive advanced cars, or use iPhone 5, but mainly refers to modern values​​. The U.S. has good intention to help the world people into modern society, because she has fully realized world integration – global village, helping people of other countries into the modern is to help herself in long term, but the U.S. must draw lessons from the British in the 19th century. The British was known as the sun never set Empire in the 19th century, but in the end of the 19th century, many overseas colonies brought Britain more and more trouble and burden, not only in money spending, but also in troops sending, finally the smart British had to choose to give up to maximize the payoffs and minimize the costs. I think America should learn something from UK. Relationship between the two countries is as same as relationship between two people. Whether the two get along well with each other depends on the consistency of core values of the two in long-term, but the benefit in short-term. For example, the relationship between U.S., China and Japan, frankly speaking, China who has 1.4 billion population and 9.6 million square kilometers is more useful to U.S. than Japan, but because of the political system of Communist dictatorship, I think U.S. will stand on the Japanese side, would rather sacrifice the economic interests in China in short term. I hope U.S. doesn’t be kidnapped by Japan, please give more time to Chinese poor people.


I really go to do my calling.

Mayans really bless me to get Visa. I am really going to have an insane trip. I will try my best to do my calling. It is real time to have a change.

“Thanks to all of you, we have the revolution, and we are going to need it. Because there is a guy in the white house who represents all those religious extremists that people came to this country to escape. But that is because there is a backlash against all the great social justice movements and if we hadn’t have a frontlash, we wouldn’t now be having a backlash. So we are just going to keep doing and do it more and better. We are going to not only vote but reform the way we vote. We are going to contribute not only when we are asked, but everytime we pay our bills. We are not only going to change women to fit the world, but change the world to fit women, and we are going to become the change we want to see in the world. So first this conference, then the world.”


The Mayan Prophecy of 2012

About Mayan culture, to be honest, I don’t know much about it, but I hold an awe of heart to it, because too many mysteries are still unbelievable in Mayans, but I really don’t believe that the world will end in 2012. I agree that doomsday is a very significant misunderstanding among modern people, and what Mayans meant was that a big Shift and Awareness will happen in human Physiology and Consciousness on December 21, 2012.

    I like this sentence “The 2012 Shifting of World Ages Is Calling Us to Re-Connect with Nature's Wisdom”. I think “Nature’s Wisdom” here means completely unlocking the mystery of female orgasm. I grew up in a communist tyranny country, and of course accept the atheism education all the time, but probably because I was not a good student, I really have a fatalistic feeling that everything was arranged already. Although I have started writing to all of sexual professors in 2010, but no one chose to trust me. Maybe this is just my destiny, and I have been arranged to reveal this mystery in 2012.

    If the Mayan culture really chose me to wake the sleeping women in 2012, and if I really can help human beings to open a new era of mankind, and if everything was predestined, I hope the Mayans can bless me. My luck has always been bad from childhood, and recently I made an appointment to get Visa in 911.

    Please bless me succeed in getting Visa and be safe on the trip to U.S. “Sometimes, your whole life boils down to one insane move.” in Avatar. My life was destined to boil down to this insane trip.