Hillary is going to come out?

Hillary  will confirm her bisexuality in her upcoming memoirs in 2014?

What should I say? Or what should I confess?

I think Hillary will win the President election in 2016, if her health condition permits. U.S. needs a female President like her, such a capable woman.


Homology between genders

Sex organs are the maximum difference between human genders. Wikipedia gives us the List of homologues of the human reproductive system, and tells us Skene's gland is the homologous of male prostate.


Frankly speaking, I don’t agree that Skene's glands is the homologous of male prostate, and there is no homologue in male of female uterus, and they told us the Mullerian duct tissue atrophies completely in males, so there is no male homologue to the uterus, except for the very, very rudimentary and functionless remnants left behind.

I don’t know what they said is true or not. Female clitoris doesn’t play any reproductive role, but retained and male nipples are also retained. Next, I want to elaborate my query from several parts.

1. First of all, Skene's gland has not been found yet in modern anatomy. Why? Skene's gland is invented by Alexander Skene, and as same as G-spot named by Ernest Grafenberg and then popularized by Beverly Whipple. So far, in modern anatomy it is also a blank. “The elusive erogenous zone said to exist in some women may be a myth.”, say researchers who have hunted for it. Their study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is the biggest yet, involving 1,800 women, and it found no proof.

2. Second, in general, only male mammals have prostate and seminal vesicle, and non-mammal males don’t have the two special organs, in contrast, uterus and vagina belong only to female mammals. Why?

3. According to the gametes excreted path

Maletesticle vas deferens ejaculatory duct(inside of prostate) urethra(inside of penis) excreted

Femaleovary oviduct uterus cervix vaginal excreted 

I think when God created our human beings based on his template, but so-called abnormal people, whether it is abnormal genotypes or phenotypes, which are not mainstreams in population, are the stars in the sky, who guide us to explore our past and our future. Here we look at one star, and let us explore what we can get from it - double uterus and double vagina.


No doubt we can see that either double uteruses or double vaginas are both two parts of things fused together during the development process. When the fusion failed, we got abnormal one. Due to the existence of double uterus, I have to admit that uterus is the homologous of male seminal vesicle. What about vagina? I really don’t know, but I guess maybe the two vasa deferentia get fused to form upper vaginal, and then connected with prostatic utricle, so prostatic utricle is the homologous of female lower vaginal, that is why prostatic utricle has another name - vagina masculine. At the interface, hymen formed, and in newborn baby girls, the hymen is thick, pale pink, and redundant.


4. Basically I agree with Ohno's law that the female sex chromosome of all mammals was derived from a common ancestor, and Darwin's Theory of Evolution that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor: the birds and the bananas, the fishes and the flowers -- all related. So I believe that there are many similarities not only between non-mammals or mammals, but also between animals and plant.

There are two types of fertilisation in animals: Internal fertilisation and External fertilisation.

Internal fertilisation:①All mammals, including humans, mate the same way: The male penis or other intromittent organ insert into the female vagina to fertilize her eggs. In some birds and in the tuatara, that don't have an intromittent organ, the internal fertilization is done by the means of the cloacal kiss, which consists in that the two animals touch their cloacae together in order to transfer the sperm from the male to the female.

External fertilizationIn many aquatic animals such as coral or hydra, eggs and sperm are simultaneously shed into the water, and the sperm swim through the water to fertilize the egg in a process known as broadcast fertilization. In many fish species, including salmon, the female will deposit unfertilized eggs in the substrate and the male will swim by and fertilize them.

Human body is made of ten different systems: Skeletal System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System, Endocrine System, Digestive System, Urinary System and Reproductive System. We can reach a consensus on that dogs do have the same ten body systems as human, so we use human instead of all mammals. Next, we are going to look for some similarities and differences during different kinds of fertilization in Nervous System, Digestive System, Urinary System and Reproductive System.

Human reproduction takes place as internal fertilization by sexual intercourse. During this process, the erect penis of the male is inserted into the female's vagina until the male ejaculates semen, which contains sperm, into the female's vagina. The sperm then travels through the vagina and cervix into the uterus or fallopian tubes for fertilization of the ovum. Let's look at them one by one.

A.      Female

There is no doubt that mammalian urogenital systems have the biggest difference between two genders, compared with bird and fish. I think female urogenital system is very simple, independent and original, without much evolved. Maybe this point will be questioned by feminist, but please let me finish my whole points. The reason I said X chromosome is in the lower level of evolution is female human’s Digestive System, Urinary System, Reproductive System and Orgasm system are separated of each other. The following figure comes from a university, not easy to find, because there is no clitoral shaft at all on lots of female urogenital anatomy, which is very important organ for female.


Except for the tiny and inconspicuous clitoral shaft, which is a special gift to mammals, we found that females almost have the independent first three systems as same as low non-mammals, such as bird and fish.

Alimentary canalmouth esophagus stomach small intestine large intestine anus excreted

Reproductive canalovaries fallopian tube uterus cervix vagina excreted

Urinary canal: kidney ureter bladder urethra excreted

Orgasm system: brain clitoris shaft erection rub clitoris shaft orgasm quiver brain release chemical substances sleepy

B. Male

In the male body, there are also four systems, but much more complicated than women. On external genitalia, apparently, we can see that urinary and reproductive systems share one same channel at the end, and this channel was wrapped by penis. We can say that the male orgasm system used penis wrapped back the urethra to kidnap the urinary channel, and then graft on reproductive channel.

Alimentary canalmouth esophagus stomach small intestine large intestine anus excreted

Reproductive canal: testis vas deferens prostate ejaculatory duct urethra excreted

Urinary canal: kidney ureter bladder urethra excreted

Orgasm system: brain penis erection rub penis orgasm quiver brain release chemical substances sleepy

I have to say that the orgasm quiver and release was really a special gift to our mammals, when God created all things, which doesn’t happen on non-mammal sexual reproductive animals, such as bird or fish.

C. Bird

Most birds do not have the same reproductive body parts as mammals. Instead, both male and female birds have a cloaca – one opening (also called the vent) that serves as the bodily exit for their digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. This means that the same opening that excretes feces and urine is where eggs are laid. Most of birds do not have a phallus. They mate by joining their cloacas, with the male ejaculating sperm into the female's cloaca. Male birds have two functional bean-shaped testes located within the body, just above the kidneys.

We can see that the systems fusion at the end not only happened on male mammals, but also on birds. The female birds don’t have uterus, and male birds don’t have prostate, but cloaca is the only fused opening for three systems, including Alimentary canal. This point doesn’t happened on human, in general, mammals, including humans, whether male or female, excretory system has a separate outlet - anus.




Alimentary canalbuccal cavity esophagus crop stomach small intestine large intestine cloaca excreted

Reproductive canal: ovary / testis vas deferens / oviduct cloaca excreted

Urinary canal: kidney ureter cloaca excreted

We can use our imagination, except the clitoris shaft a special organ which is given by God, we can identity cloaca as to knead female human’s openings of urethra, vaginal and anus three together. In other words, in only reproductive aspect, female human beings are not much more advanced in evolution than female bird.

D. Fish
There are fewer differences between the sexes in fish. Because in many fish species,eggs and sperm are simultaneously shed into the water, and the sperm swim through the water to fertilize the egg in a process known as broadcast fertilization. The responsibility of the gonad, whatever testis or ovary, is only meiosis, and then excreted through a duct.

Among fish, a true cloaca is present only in elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) and lobe-finned fishes. In lampreys and in some ray-finned fishes, part of the cloaca remains in the adult to receive the urinary and reproductive ducts, although the anus always opens separately. In chimaeras and most teleosts, however, all three openings are entirely separate. In most species, gonads are paired organs of similar size, which can be partially or totally fused. 


Alimentary canalesophagus stomach intestine anus excreted

Reproductive canalgonad duct genital orifice excreted

Urinary canalkidney duct urinary orifice excreted

We can clearly see that the urogenital system like fish, which are still in low level evolution, is very like female human being’s that all systems are completely independent, so I can say that in human long evolution history, female is indeed very far behind from male.

E. Spotted Hyena

I have another wonderful case to question the existence of Skene's glands and G-spot. The female Spotted Hyena's urogenital system is unique among mammals: there is no vagina, and the clitoris is as large and as erectile as the male's penis - only the shape of the glans makes it possible to tell the sexes apartthe vulva is fused, and the clitoris is used for urination, mating (when the clitoris contracts, while the opening widens to allow penetration) and giving birth. If sex is bad for the male, birth is worse for the female and potential cubs. Birth is particularly difficult because the clitoris itself is narrow. However, since it breaks during the first parturition, the subsequent births are easier. There are countless cases of captive females giving birth for the first time that had stillborn cubs because of the long and painful labor. We can imagine that how hard it is giving birth through a penis.



The above figure is from the paper “Mammalian sexual differentiation: lessons from the spotted hyena” by Stephen E. Glickman, Gerald R. Cunha, Christine M. Drea, Alan J. Conley and Ned J. Place
(a)The urogenital system of a female dog, exposed to androgens both pre-and post-natally.
(b)The urogenital system of a normal adult female spotted hyena.

Apparently, we can see something from Figure (b): in internal genitalia, female spotted hyena has the same organs as female mammal, ovary, uterus body, cervix and vagina, but in external genitalia, the opening of vagina choose to graft on the duct of urethra instead of out of body, and at last, they share the same one duct. The external genitalia of female spotted hyena is very similar to male mammals that the clitoris shaft wrapped back the urethra to kidnap the urinary channel, and then graft on reproductive channel, but digestive system seperated. Another curious fact about female spotted hyenas is that they carry higher levels of testosterone than the males in their blood, and this is something that can be observed as early as the embryo stage.
I'm curious that female spotted hyenas has a developed clitoris shaft as same as male penis, but where is Skene’s glands on them? If G-spot really exists on the vagina, whether they get female orgasm also through the penetration on vagina?

In summary, obviously birds and fishes don’t have the orgasm system, but they also can reproduce generation by generation, so we can get the conclusion like that reproduction is reproduction, orgasm is orgasm, and we human being, as a senior animal with high intelligence, should distinguish between the two. It reminds me some old news that Libya Tells UN Rights Council: “Gays threaten continuation of human race”. How stupid he is! Use your pig head to think over that gay can’t make human race disappear, and the only thing would make male human race disappear is same sex reproduction. Same sex marriage and same sex reproduction are two very different conceptions. Once the success of same sex reproduction happens, that would be the greatest threat to male human.

Some theory said Skene's glands and G-spot are highly consistent, so they think these two glands have a lot in common and they both produce a chemically similar fluid and it believed that women who can ejaculate are ejaculating fluid from their Skene’s gland. Let me assume that Skene's glands really exist, and is real the homologous of male prostate, but do you think stimulating the male prostate can give male an orgasmAbsolutely not. Moreover, the male prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system, if female really have prostate, it must be located around the reproductive channel, and ejaculated something also through the reproductive channel, instead of the urethra, because it is clear that women's reproductive and urinary systems are completely separated.

I think evolution is a cruel game which only focused on efficiency, but lost fairness. The female orgasm doesn’t have selective advantage, but female clitoris shaft also was retained as same as male nipple, even though it has nothing to do with reproduction. The core of penis evolution is getting closer to the ovaries and eggs.

If Skene's gland or G-spot never exist ever, that can lead to squirt lots of water from female urethra, we have to face an embarrassing and confusing problem – why female would squirt some water from female urethra during sex penetration? This question is the beginning of all lies. At least, I am a female, I know that feeling from sex penetration what so called female ejaculation, but I don’t think it is a real orgasm, because it is very different from the sudden of the climax. I am 99 percent sure it is urinary incontinence. There are two main kinds of urinary incontinence: Stress incontinence and Urge incontinence. I think squirting is just stress incontinence because of the pressure on the bladder during sex penetration. Due to the independence of reproductive and urinary channels on female body, if the G-spot really exist that you can stimulate by, and squirt something out of body, it must squirt from reproductive channel, instead of urinary. Only a small and slim pipe like urinary can lead a lot of water to squirt out of body like that, but woman's vagina is wide and impossible to squeeze like that.

Orgasm system is mammalian-specific, whatever male or female. I think it is not only related to penis or clitoris shaft, but also to central nervous and nerve conduction. I used to attribute the problem to males that females can’t get real orgasm, because of males powerful and overwhelming vagina penetration, and during a traditional sexual intercourse, female don’t have much more chance to rub her clitoris. After I pondered over and over, now I changed my mind. Males just acted by their instinct, because after sexual maturity in adolescence, they can orgasm by masturbation. For male, orgasm is so easy to get from the beginning, and then they have girlfriends, and just substitute vagina, anus or mouth for hand. They also just do something to women by their instinct. What about females? The fact is that few females can get real orgasm easily, regularly and daily during their adolescence, and I want to ask how they can get orgasm from males, when they get married. Maybe you can say clitoris shaft is too small to find out, and not display out of body like penis very apparently, so female can’t play it to get orgasm easily, but the problem for me is that I didn’t even know the existence of clitoris shaft at all, when I can rub my lower body against my bed, till my middle twenties. I almost already had experienced orgasm quiver for 15 years before I know my clitoris shaft exists. I think it is my instinct, and I can’t give it up for anyone or anything. Is there something wrong with other women’s nerve conduction? I really don’t know, but I am sure fantasy is very very useful in orgasm system.