A country's degree of civilization and democracy depends on women's status.

The more countries developed well, the more they paid attention on women's rights and gender equality, and the more countries underdeveloped, the more gender inequality. Some countries and regions with high degree of democracy and civilization in western, the foundation of these countries is universal values, human rights, democracy and freedom, and females there can have the same basic rights as same as males at least in the Constitution, whatever in political, economic or marriage. They can go out to work and engage in any industry they interested in, some even Prime minister or Secretary of State. Women also can choose marriage or divorce on their own, and some even can legally get into same-sex marriage. Now the world is still a men-dominate, and we need to keep working hard to fight for gender equality.

       However, compared with the Western democracies, there are other two systems, one is a theocracy system commonly in Arab region. These countries are very rich, because the oil, but money is controlled in a few authoritarian monopolies. Women there have low social status, and a man can marry four wives or even more in some areas. Women have no right to work, and no right to choose marriage, even can’t go out without her husband or father accompany. Woman is man's private property, and after her husband's death, his family male members can inherit their property (including his wife). Such this country actually wants to get into the ranks of developed countries, just depending on their single oil exports. I wonder to know urgently what they are going to do after the oil depletion in decades or a century. In my opinion, the only thing they can do is to build extremely luxurious skyscrapers one after another, in order to find the feeling of standing on top of the world. Do not they know that so many developed countries have already abandoned skyscrapers because of safety and cost issues? I only sigh “they are really too rich”. Here I give my best wishes to Libya women, and I hope they are not out of the frying pan, into the fire. After all under Gaddafi's control, Libya reluctantly maintains monogamy, but almost into polygamy after just liberated.

     There is another system mostly in Asia – Single-party states,and some countries are even in family hereditary system. After grandfather death, then father, now son, and grandson in future,they treat the entire country as their private property. What made me angry and annoyed was United Nations General Assembly actually held a few moments of silence for such a dictator who only use lies and violence to rule his nations. Ijust can’t help myself to sigh” how big the woods is in United Nations, what birds are.” Due to the nature of single-party state system, such states have reached a point of irrevocable corruption, and it has been incurable. The whole country all moral turpitude and people laugh for poverty but not for prostitution. As a male, if he wants to survive in this system, he has to move closer to the Single-party and authority, so there are a large number of young people joined the Single-party, but no one really believe in Communism anymore, and the only purpose to join the party is to get a good job or an officer easily, and then has the opportunity to tyrannically abuse his power to bully tragic people than himself. Although monogamy also recognized and permitted in these countries, women there seem have more rights and equality than theocracy women, she can go out to have a work and is free to choose marriage on her own, but this is only superficial, the truth is not that case. The fact is as a vulnerable group of women in this system, she must need to pay more prices, if she wants to survive. Women there are even not qualified to talk about “love”, because in order to survive and live, she must find a man who is beneficial to keep her life better. These countries generally have gender preference seriously and prefer for boys over girls. The reason is simple. First, I have to admit that now the earth still in the patriarchal society, and males have vast majority of primary authority in social organization. In a democratic and civilized country, as a human, females can have a basic life-support as males, but they can’t get them easily in totalitarian state, because of the ubiquitous corruption, women should pay some price to get the basic life-support. Pay what price? You can guess. Bingo! The sex trade.After all survival is the first task than a sense of security, a sense of belonging,dignity or self-realization.

      Many western countries condemned the one-child policy in a country, and they said it was the persecution of human rights. I don’t agree with westerners this time. I can use a diplomatic language to explain “you do not understand our country conditions, you don’t understand people there.” If you want a thorough analysis of this problem, see following sentence.

“The best way to understand behavior is to look at the causes of an action and its consequences.” by B. F. Skinner.

      We should figure out why they build this one-child policy. The reason is easy. They have to, because there are too many people there. We continue to ask deeply why there are many people in their country. That is because female there tend to reproduce more. Go on ask why female there tend to reproduce more. This answer is the key to all problems. You will make a big mistake, if you think the reason that woman get into a marriage in totalitarian states is for love. The Westerners don’t understand that the children are not love crystallization, but just tools that woman can use to control the man, threaten divorce and get best financial decisions, when a society can’t give a sense of security to women. Poor women need children as a bargaining chip to protect themselves. There is the other reason, in order to make them in advantageous position, people need a way to be strengthened in a without independent judiciary country, and of course, nothing is more reliable than the blood. I dare to conclude that the population rapidly reaches 2 billion in a few decades, depending on current national accomplishment, if the government cancels the one-child policy now. Women there have completely despaired of their selves and are totally lost in such a society, and only put all their hopes and energy in their children. “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” is the product of desperation.

      Finally, I just want to say all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Men, think about what if you are a woman next life, you want be treated as inequality?

Here, give my best wishes to all women of the world.

Happy New Year! 2012!