Rape, we can not evade the reality.

To be honest, I don’t want to talk about this topic, because I think it is too cruel for poor women. I also asked Beverly about her opinion on this issue, but she prevaricate me with an excuse as she didn’t do any research on whether female can get orgasm or not, when they suffered a rape. Recently, this issue drew people's attention again, because of India gang rape. A 17-year-old girl in India committed suicide by drinking poison on Wednesday, following a gang rape by at least three men back in November. According to CNN, the girl was allegedly gang raped on November 13, during the Hindu festival of Diwali. This anonymous girl’s death is a stunning blow just a week after a 23-year-old woman was viciously gang raped on a bus in New Delhi.

I am so shocked by so low status of women in India, even though I am also in a country which is patriarchal as same as India. After the shock and anger, I am lost in deep thought why India became like this, which was ever a great nation with the most splendid civilization of the world. When we open the history, we can’t avoid a topic - British colonial. In Chinese history books, our great, glory correct party, of course, contributed the root cause of the backwardness to the west colonial rule, but I hold a different opinion. The United States was once a British colony, but in many ways she is beyond the mother and becomes the boss of the world now. Talk about Asian, I am a Chinese, but I can’t deny the British contribution over 100 years of colonial in Hong Kong history. There is no denying that if there is no British colonial rule, HK would not be this like today. But why it is so different in India? Indian society is still so confused after over 190 years colonial rule by British. Why?

Apparently, the colonist is a big deal reason, but the root is not the colonial rule. After the WW2, at first, four countries were planning for the occupation of Japan; it involved the division of Japan into four occupation zones. The Soviet forces would occupy Hokkaido the northern island and Honshu down to about the level of Sendai. The Americans would occupy almost all of the rest of Honshu. The Chinese would occupy the island of Shikoku and the British were to occupy the island of Kyushu. However, the British first said that's too far, and Chinese set army go to the north but for civil war, and Soviet want to occupy but U.S. don’t let it do. The final results is only United States dominate Japan. Undoubtedly Japan is lucky, if the United States and the Soviet share the occupation of Japan, I am sure today the situation in Japan is north Japan and south Japan, meanwhile the Chinese people are not so lucky. So I think colonist is important, but not critical.

All dictators are not willing to quit the stage of history, right? Wherever in Libya, Syria, North Korea or China. That a nation wants to get strong must depends on the awakening of national consciousness. National Consciousness governs the government. The quality of government depends upon the quality of the national consciousness. It is as same as female status depends on female consciousness, and the improvement of female status must rely on awakening of female consciousness in all aspects. I think awakening of sex consciousness is the most important one.


In fact, the problem of rape is not so difficult to solve. First of all, we must have a clear understanding of the rape and what is the nature of rape and why rape is so widespread in human beings. In my opinion, rape is just one of violent crimes, and rape can divide into non-marital rape and marital rape. Until today, there are still some arguments about marital rape, but I think it is also rape, as long as against to this premise of voluntary, no matter in a marriage or not, no matter during same sex or not. Since rape is not a random event, there must be some reasons in human nature out of male control. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, sex belongs to the first level-physiological, so I think we must know this point very clearly that sex is very important as same as breathing, food and water. I quite agree with Maslow's theory, because when we want to change a prevalent thing, we must have to know the root reason for that..


When I lived in hostels in U.S., people there always like to ask me about female infant abortion in China. Why do Chinese people want boys not girls? It is simple to explain that female infant abortion only reflects the low social status of women in China. When a society relies on violence to maintain social order, every one is not stupid and of course prefers boys to girls, because obviously, males take absolute more advantage in physical strength than females. In Northern or Western Europe with highly legalized countries, males don’t have an absolute advantage in society, every game has its rule, and every one should play by rules, no matter male or female. Of course people there don’t to choose female infants abortion. Frankly speaking, in biology female play more roles in genetics, because only female organelles can be passed to next generation, and meanwhile male almost pass nothing on about organelles except just only 23 pairs of Chromosomes.


As the same logic, we must recognize that sex for men is a necessity as same as food or water. Then next problem is how we guide them to release their libido. I think a good government should establish proper rules of this sex game, and on one hand, we have a way to let male release, and on the other hand, we must protect female rights.


First, prostitution should be legalized. Not only is the heterosexual sex service should legitimate, but also homosexual sex service should be legitimate.


We must be clear on this point that the existence of prostitution is definitely not the result of the low status of women. The nature of prostitution is just a deal. One side provides the body, such as vagina, mouth or anus, to the other side, in order to get survival necessities back. The other side provides survival necessities, such as money or something else, in order to get her cooperation back on sex. Based on this, the two sides should have a contract, under the premise of equal and voluntary, and then this game will become a win-win game, both sides can benefit from it. I do think that the prostitution legalization will reduce the rate of sex crimes. In this area, Dutch and Germany are the models of other countries.


Second, make a harsh law to increase the cost of sex crime. The reason of so high sex crime rates in India is because the rapists don’t have to pay much price for violence of rape. Every rapist is not stupid, when the spur of the moment contrary to freedom, survival or lose the ability of orgasm in the rest of life, I believe they will make rational choice.


How do we define marriage? What is the true meaning of marriage? Why does it only belong to our human beings? It is very common that sexual behavior happened during all sexual reproduction animals, but why they didn’t get into a marriage, including our closest relative chimpanzees. So we can see that marriage is absolutely not just sex. I agree that marriage is a series of compromises, but I don’t stand on the side of David Buss. According to his theory, the nature of every woman is a prostitute. The only difference between them is that prostitutes get resources for survival from different males, while the wives obtain resources only from a male, but the natures are same.

What is the nature of monogamy? It is just a compromise between males, not for the interests of females. In ancient times, the premise they can practice polygamy is endless war, and most of males need to die on the battlefield, as the result is a large number of males without a wife were rebels. In order to maintain their rule, the rulers have to sacrifice on the number of female sex slavery. Essentially, the emergence of monogamy is just a political necessity. From the point of females, no talking about feelings, monogamy is disadvantage for women. So far we can’t deny that women are still in the weak position, comparison with males, in the world. Monogamy means many women can’t get resources for living from elite males through a legal marriage, while they have to seek refuge from inferior males, right? The same cost that they provide their vagina to someone for orgasm, but monogamy makes women get less.

So go back to that question what is nature of marriage. If you say sex, I think a male can marry a male, because orgasm is not barrier between them; if you say reproduction, I think we should act as non-human animals’ polygamy, because a elite male can fertilize many women he want; if you say there is a real G-spot in female vagina, I think there is no rape at all. You can imagine that I am male, and I am very good at vagina penetration, and I can give every woman orgasm through my penetration, does that mean I can rape every woman on the world? It is ridiculous, right? Absurd logic. But those self-righteous people can’t see it. If you do think so, you can’t judge those rapists, because they can say that “I gave the woman who I raped multiple orgasms, why do you rest me?

Frankly speaking, before the unlocking the mystery of female orgasm, marriage is just a tool under a legal cloak that male takes sex dictatorship to female with. Only one day a woman can get out of the vicious circle of reproduction, male and female can stand on an equal balance to explore both interests.

The truth is always cruel and ugly, right?