To July 4 Independence Day

July 4 is Independence Day in the United States, I want to write something to celebrate this festival, but because of my poor language and short history knowledge, I only write something about my own opinion. Nowadays, U.S. military switches its focus to western Pacific, and a total of 22 countries joined this military exercises, but without China. There is no doubt, in Southeast Asia all countries which have a dispute with China, without exception, jumped into the embrace of the United States. In fact, the behavior and actions of these countries all depend on the attitude of the U.S., I have to ask what factors on earth determine the attitude of the United States? What does the United States really care about?

1, the United States

Although American economy, military, culture, politics, are not perfect individually, it is by far the best in the world. But America needs to understand that the biggest weapon today is not military, but culture. Although America only has less than 300 years history, it doesn’t mean American culture is not advanced, because history does not always bring people positive effect, and a lot of people in many countries which have thousands-year history are kidnapped by the decadent culture, but American don’t have the long spiritual shackles at all. That is the key why the United States has a strong and advanced culture, but in some other long history countries, Classes are very significantly, and the social system is a top-down, and people have to learn to obey their superiors since born, and women have low status in society, they only have to rely on men to survive. Why? Because they live under the old rules, decadent culture. This is the most important reason why I don’t agree with David Buss's theory. His theory only can apply to human being in the past, but not apply to the future.

There is no doubt that the U.S. is very generous to their allies, and this point is the biggest difference from Soviet Union. I think that is key point why so many countries tried to forge an alliance with United States, but what should America choose? First, America should keep the eyes open and figure out who is a trustworthy friend and who only wants to use United States to get the private purpose. Of course, every country has its own purpose, but America should have to know it very clearly and make the right choice between the Democracy and Pro-Americanism, and don’t make the result as an anti-American dictator falls, and another pro-American dictator stands up. The alliance is an art, not only do you need to know what exactly you want, but also know the other wants, you need to think very carefully about it. Second, don’t easily go to war, but war must be won. The United States must learn from the lessons of the Korean and Vietnam wars, the less developed countries, the more invincible. Last, the foundation of the U.S. is human rights and democracy. America should wake up the stupid people’s self-awareness in authoritarian states and let people around the world to know that the enemies of the United States is only authoritarian governments and dictators, not the ordinary people, and try to make them understand the American culture, human rights, and polity, and try best to inspire their pursuit of equality and freedom in the minds. It is very important to let people know you are here to liberate you, not to invade you.

2, European Union

First, no doubt, in the anti-dictatorship and democratic process, the European is the largest partner for the United States. The biggest crisis the EU faces now is sovereign-debt crisis. In this problem, Britain, France and Germany as leaders in Europe must give a hand to other countries, because if the proletariat comes to power, Europe is facing the risk of being communization. British should not stay out, you should understand the English Channel can't stop the long-range missiles. So work together to survive the economic difficulties. Second, accept the countries from the east of European especial independence from USSR. A people stands in front of two doors, which is leading to Heaven, which one is leading to Hell, if the door to Heaven is closed in advance before he chooses, there is no choice left and he only chooses the Hell. If I were Polish, I would hate the Soviet Union more than Germany, because of the Katyn massacre. “With the Germans we run the risk of losing our liberty, and with the Russians we will lose our soul.” Finally, since the Europe was involved into the World War I and II, the Europeans seem to be disgusted with war, but I hope the Europeans would remember the mistake of Policy of appeasement during the World War II. You must put your eyes on the long-term benefits, not only immediate interests, and European Union must take the responsibility especially on the issue of North Africa and Middle East. As long as Europe is united, it can contain Russia's action in the Far East maximally, after all, the fundamental interest of Russia is always in Eastern Europe.

3, Russia

Russia, I have to mention the Soviet Union which is already disintegrated in 1991. There is no doubt that Russia is also a Kratocracy country. Putin is a political strongman as same as Stalin. In his eyes, country's interests rank above the people’s lives, so Beslan massacre happened. Storming, of course, is not the root cause of this tragedy, but it is truly the direct cause. Vladimir Putin: if those people were your families, you may sacrifice them, but they were not. You are not qualified to hold more than 1,300 lives of innocent civilians as the cost to destroy the Chechen. Putin exaggerated the national honor too much, but disregarded the lives of ordinary people. He did not understand the meaning of a country, the significance of a country existence is to protect the life and property safety of national people, if your people are dead, what is useful to have this country? I’ like to ask those people who voted for Putin, if you or your son or your daughter is the one of the 1300 individuals, do you agree storming disregarding of your son life? I really hope today Russia is not going to go back to Stalin's Soviet totalitarian model again.

Warsaw Treaty Organization, led by the Russia, apparently went from Eastern Europe to Asia, because Russia obviously feels that Europe would not go with him, and Africa is too far to his reach, and it is under the control of Britain and France, and of course, Russia don’t want to make two enemies during one time in the west and the east line. So Asia is Russia's important interests particularly the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East areas.


China, no doubt, is the most embarrassing country now in a very passive position, and 22 countries have the military exercise in the Western Pacific, even including Russia a so-called strategic partner to China, but without China. First, Chinese government must have a clear understanding of this situation very well, and all the shameless acts of betraying allies in the history of Soviet Union. You only can get into the Hell, if you follow him. The biggest difference between United States and Soviet Union is that United States treats his allies as friends, and Soviet Union treats his allies as slaves. Second, Chinese people must reflect that China was the victor in the World War II, Japan was the loser who is the only country suffered by atomic bomb attack on the earth, but 60 years after, what exactly make so difference between them? We were the United States' greatest ally in Asia, who made us lost our friend? Why Japan would quickly rise after the war? As both yellows, why is the gap so much? Who caused today's status of Chinese people? Shouldn't Chinese look at the servility of own bodies?

5, People's self-awareness

I hope if you live in authoritarian states, you should think what exactly do you want, what is most important to you, why are you alive? You should look back at the history to see how difference democratic state and totalitarian country deal with the enemy. The Marshall Plan: because of the Soviets Blockade of Berlin in 1948. Over 4,000 tons of supplies per day were required by the Berlin population during the airlift. To achieve this, the United States Air Force, Royal Air Force and other Commonwealth nations flew over provision of supplies to West Germany, 200,000 flights providing 13,000 tons of food daily to Berlin in an operation lasting almost a year. You can use a little math, one day has 1440 minutes, there is almost an aircraft taking off and landing during every 2.5 minutes. Katyn Massacre: both as the Slavic peoples, what did Soviet Union do to Poland? If a country takes a high-handed policy to national people and ignore the lives of their citizens, and takes slaughter to foreign countries in order to expand, as a person, will you support him? I will not. I hope everyone can choose the right side. Maybe the next step is Hell.

As individuals, we are so small in the history of human being, but we should think what we can get from history? Due to World War I and World War II, women came out for work from the kitchen, and after the war, it is impossible to make women to get into kitchen again, so the war make feminism rise in Europe. Any dictator is not willing to exit the stage of history. Truth is the child of time, you can deceive everyone in a moment, and you can also deceive some people forever, but you can not deceive all people forever. God bless every innocent people.